Make your own luck! St. Patrick's Day marketing ideas for salon, spa, restaurant, bar and others!

Here are 8 ways to build business and engage your customers this St. Patrick's Day:

1.  St. Patrick's Day Parade
During March, hold a "parade" of featured products and/or services in a series of Facebook, Blog and Web Site postings where you highlight a specific product or service and point out its most important benefits to customers.  Depending on how many products or services you want to feature, this could be done daily, twice a week, or once a week.  To incentivize purchases, create a time-limited, compelling special offer in conjunction with each item on "parade."

2. The Wearin' of the Green
Fill a fishbowl with shamrock-shaped cards that contain "luck"-oriented quotes, Irish blessings, special offers from your business, special offers from businesses with which you cooperatively market, etc.  When clients arrive and are wearing green during March, have them dig a shamrock-shaped card out of a bowl. You can also publicize this on Facebook, your Blog, E-Mail and/or Web Site for additional traction. 

365 Day of Marketing: St. Patricks Day Marketing Ideas for Small Business

3. Help Customers Avoid the "Pinch"
Create offers with "Don't get in a Pinch" language; such as:
  • Don't get in a pinch sale, booking incentive, new client offer, bring a friend offer, etc.
  • Don't let your style get stuck in a pinch
  • Don't get in a pinch massage or stress or aromatherapy services
  • Look good in a pinch manicure
4. Pot of Gold
Fill a large glass container with inexpensive gold chocolate coins and hold a customer guessing contest during March.   The winner should receive the container with the coins as well as a complimentary service or product gift.  Or fill a pot with gold coins and send one home with each customer at checkout (or during their appointment). 

5.  Irish-or-Not Happy Hour
Many St. Patrick's Day traditions and Irish lore itself almost begs for a special St. Patrick's Day happy hour celebration.  Either hold a happy hour in your business, or partner with a local bar or restaurant to create a bigger, broader-reach event.  Be sure that you collect the contact information of all attendees and extend a special new client and/or other bounce back offer at the event and another one in follow-up e-mail and/or direct mail communication.

6.  Brush Up on Your Irish Trivia Contests
Create 'shower' style trivia question sheets for customers to see how much they know about Irish terms, history, or the history of St. Patrick's Day.  On March 17th (or the end of March) reward a winner with a complimentary service and/or product package.  Reward runners up with service offer, free samples, etc.  Or do daily/weekly "Did You Know" posts on Facebook, your Blog, Web Site or in E-Mail marketing.  Ask questions on Facebook/Blog/Web Site and reward those who come in to your business to answer the question with a free sample and bounce back offer. 

7.  Shamrock-Lucky Offers
Create shamrock-shaped cards with special offers and deliver them for redemption by employees of local businesses, employees of city offices, police, fire, etc., employees of your local school district or local public and private schools, employees of local hospital, etc. 

8.  Shamrock-Shaped Coasters
Order Shamrock-shaped coasters featuring your business contact information and a special offer for use as bag stuffers and for placement at local bars, restaurants, wine shops, coffee shops, etc.

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Elizabeth Kraus is the author of Make Over Your Marketing: 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa as well as the 2012 Salon and Spa Marketing Calendar and The One to Watch - your salon and spa marketing blueprint for 2012!

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