Style, strategy and salon marketing savvy - November 3 edition

 Just in case you missed it -- the November 3 Style, Strategy and Marketing Savvy newsletter had some great links! 

little white marketing lie #7: marketing means talking about your business
Think marketing means telling people about your business? Think again; that's a little white marketing lie that can cost you. Find out what you should be talking about, instead. [ go ]

seven tips to recession-proof your retail
My favorite is number four: Get in touch with your customers (no surprise to my regular readers). Recession-proofing your retail involves changing the way you think about retail and setting out to create a retail center that actually appeals to your customers. Stock only high demand items, increase complimentary (bundled, add-on, etc.) offers and sell products that meet customers needs. Read the rest online. [ go ]

what younger workers want
Your employee culture is a critical component of your marketing plan; without the right team in place, all of the great ideas in the world won't happen. When it comes to the next generation of employees, you might be surprised to know that there are several job factors they value more than money. [ go ]

are you building a social brand or a social business?
In IBM’s recent “From Social Media to Social CRM” report, it was revealed that social media is already siloed within marketing, marketing communication, or public relations, accounting for 52%, 45%, and 42% ownership respectively. When we think about the primary function of each of those functions, it’s clear to see why the premise of many of today’s top social media best practices are marketing driven rather than market driven. [ go ]

10 tips to better content marketingFrom your website to email to social media and your blog, content is the name of the game in marketing and getting found online. Still, for most professionals, it's an area where they still need work. Here are ten tips that will get you on the road to creating content that is relevant to your audience, consistently and on a timely basis. [ go ]

(Shameless plug) Stuck for marketing content? 365 Days of Marketing has themed ideas for every day of the year (literally) plus more monthly and weekly themed marketing ideas for good measure. The one tool you need to jump-start your social media, email and in-store marketing and build a bigger role for your business in the lives of your clients.

most read on the blog this week: how to be your own media machine
Even if you're on a shoestring budget, you can still promote your business and expertise; but it is going to cost you in one area, and that is time. Here are some recommendations to help you build an integrated web, email, blog and social media marketing program. [ go ]

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