12 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Salon and Spa

By the time January 2nd rolled around, many US retailers had already moved discounted Christmas merchandise aside and filled their most valuable shelf space with Valentine’s Day decorations and gifts. And no doubt, if you haven’t already, you’re now getting ready to decorate your salon or spa for Valentine’s Day.

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Here are 12 ideas for marketing and decorating for Valentine’s Day in the salon and spa:

1. Make your Valentine’s Day gifts stand out. Add Valentine cards or tags to your gift certificates, gift cards and even retail products to help clients see them as Valentine’s Day gifts. You know that your gift cards make great gifts, but unless you make it obvious to customers, they aren’t likely to think about giving them as gifts.

2. Market to the right buyers. If most of your customers are women and they are also your main target market, then you need to find a way to communicate with the men in their lives when it comes to purchasing gift cards as Valentine gifts. Men’s grooming gadgets make great Valentine’s Day gifts; pre-package them and display them near the point of purchase. Create a display of lip glosses, hair accessories or other items that would make good Valentine gifts for parents to give their teen and tween daughters.

3. Make specific Valentine’s Day gift suggestions. As implied in the two ideas above, you can’t assume that your clients will see your products and services as gifts. Nor can you assume that they will know who to give them to! Use signage and custom or DIY Valentine cards so that clients see your gift cards, products or gift baskets as perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers, coaches, men, women, grandparents, kids, etc.

4. Add Valentine’s Day cards and themed gifts to your retail. It can be hard to make hair care products and tools look like Valentine’s Day gifts! This is a great time to purchase in a one-time lip stick or lip gloss display for Valentine’s Day impulse buy sales or to establish a relationship with a local craft or jewelry maker to add truly one-of-a-kind gifts for men and women to your retail mix.

5. Make your own IOU Valentine’s Day coupon book. Couples often write IOUs for back rubs, foot rubs, etc. Create Valentine IOUs for your salon or spa which customers can exchange for a free add-on, branded promotional item, travel or sample size retail product or another gift with their next purchase.

6. Send a customer Valentine out every day. For this project, you’ll need 29 sentiments about love, about how much you care about your customers, about the customer service promises you make in your business, or other Valentine’s Day appropriate greetings. Every day in February (29 days because 2012 is a Leap Year), put one of these posts on your Facebook page and Twitter.

7. Send a virtual Valentine. In addition to (or instead of) your February email newsletter, create a special email just for Valentine’s Day as a greeting for your customers, to make Valentine’s Day gift suggestions, to share some of your favorite Valentine-a-day sentiments or even to share your customer bill of rights. Let customers know what kind of care they can expect, each and every time they visit your salon or spa, from every staff member.

8. Valentine Day hair, makeup and makeovers. Use celebrity photos to create Valentine’s Day date night looks customers can request for hair or makeup in preparation for Valentine’s Day dates.

9. Makeovers and pampering are perfect for your Valentine! Promote Valentine’s Day makeover or pampering packages as gifts men should purchase for the special women in their lives.

10. Have an open house or happy hours. Have an open house or happy hours where you demo hair and makeup Valentine’s Day makeover looks as well as the products needed to recreate these looks. Extend special event or happy hour-only pricing on your best Valentine’s Day gift products and gift cards. Invite your most loyal customers to attend.

11. Reward your best customers. Create promotions that offer double rewards for appointments booked in or products purchased in February for your best customers, or all customers. Or assign double rewards to a product or service you most want to promote.

12. Make your Valentine’s Day decorations do double duty. Create your own cut out Valentine’s hearts using craft paper and inside of each, write a sentiment to express affection for customers or include quotes about love. You could even extend special discount codes in some or other special bounce back offers. Give one to each customer every day in February, February 1-14 or just on Valentine’s Day (the more you give away, the more impactful this idea will be!)


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